Reklama książki na łamach tygodnika społeczno-religijnego „Wiara” (1906-1909)


The aim of this article is to present the main titles of the books and pamphlets advertised in „Wiara” (1906-1909), a magazine which appeared in Warsaw. The paper particularly focuses on the publications on education of children and young people, customs, health and economics, drawing attention to the patriotic and moral values , presenting native history and the history of the Catholic Church, pointing to role models included in the lives of saints. The article also mentions books, the aim of which was an entertainment (fiction). In the era of partitions the issue of particular importance was to provide the proper education for the next generations of the Polish people. They could not attend Polish schools. It was necessary, therefore, to teach them in their family home. They were taught Polish identity, patriotism, respect for others, social solidarity. Developing the reading culture was one of the ways to shape the personality of the young man. Hence the magazine enabled readers to get acquainted with the critical opinions about the latest releases. The authors presented the titles worth reading as well as those books which were of no value.

Słowa kluczowe

kultura czytelnicza XIX/XX wieku; czytelnictwo; tygodnik społeczno-religijny „Wiara”; wychowanie; reklama


Opublikowane : 2014-06-27

Bednarz-Grzybek, R. (2014). Reklama książki na łamach tygodnika społeczno-religijnego „Wiara” (1906-1909). Archiwa, Biblioteki I Muzea Kościelne, 101, 93-109.

Renata Bednarz-Grzybek 
Zakład Historii Wychowania i Pedagogiki Porównawczej, Instytut Pedagogiki UMCS  Polska