Spis rzeczy podarowanych kościołowi i klasztorowi norbertanek w Imbramowicach w latach 1712-1742


In the Archives of the Norbertine Sisters in Imbramowice, among many important documents, there is the “The register of the things donated to the church after it had burnt down written on 1 August in 1712.” It was probably drawn up at the behest of abbess Zofia Grothówna, who managed the convent for almost forty years. Appointed to this function on 4 August 1703, she held office until her death, which occurred on 31 May 1741. The first notes about the donated things appeared in the registry on 1 August 1712, and it was almost entirely supplemented during the life of Zofia Grothówna. Only one, the last note was entered on 23 April 1742, during the reign of abbess Katarzyna Bąkowska and it concerns a chasuble given to the convent by her. There were a number of donors who supported the convent in Imbramowice in those difficult times. Among the donors there were both clergy and laymen. Abbess Zofia Grothówna was the one who gave the most things. In addition, Rev. Dominik Lochman donated a great number of valuable things. The information on donations are written in a very explicit way in the registry, which includes the information on the items handed over to the convent as well as the identity of individual donors. The registry information is arranged according to the time of its transfer to the convent. The objects listed in the registry are accompanied by a brief description, including the material which they were made of and the names of the donors.

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siostry norbertanki; Imbramowice; ksieni; klasztor; Zofia Grotówna


Opublikowane : 2014-06-27

Skrzydlewska, B. (2014). Spis rzeczy podarowanych kościołowi i klasztorowi norbertanek w Imbramowicach w latach 1712-1742. Archiwa, Biblioteki I Muzea Kościelne, 101, 217-232. https://doi.org/10.31743/abmk.11984

Beata Skrzydlewska