Plague, illness and death in the early Church - call for papers


We are still faced with the difficulties of the COVID19 pandemic and everything that goes with it – disease, loneliness, lockdown, confusion and death. In fact, in the history of Christianity there have been many times plagues and epidemics that have repeatedly caused confusion, destruction and death. In the face of contemporary problems, we would like to look at how early Christian writers, theologians, historians of the Church and pastors referred to them, and whether and how they were reflected in theology, in literary works, in everyday pastoral practice and in early Christian art. We would like to find in early Christianity a model for thinking, relating and dealing with epidemics, disease and death. Therefore, the editors of Vox Patrum invite the researchers on Christian antiquity to submit texts on the proposed topic.

Please submit texts by February 15, 2021 via the website