Grammar of theology: logical argumentation from Origen to the Cappadocian Fathers


The article outlines the philosophical and linguistic background of the Post- Nicene theological debates concerning the relationship between the Father and the Son. A sharp focus dwells of the provenance of the term hypostasis, the phi­losophical and grammatical understanding of the terms hypokeimenon and ousia and the Stoic definition of the signifier and thing signified. The article shows new aspects of the anti-Eunomian polemics of the Cappadocian fathers, which come into sight due to comparison of theological concepts with Hellenic linguistic and grammatical theories. In such a way, the comparison demonstrates methodologi­cal and technical strand of the theological argumentation of the Cappadocian fa­thers and their affinity for the exegetic methodology of Origen.


theological concepts; linguistic theories; Stoicism; Origen; Cappadocian Fathers

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Published : 2018-12-16

Usacheva, A. (2018). Grammar of theology: logical argumentation from Origen to the Cappadocian Fathers. Vox Patrum, 68, 95-105.

Anna Usacheva 
Aarhus University  Denmark