The transport of Norman horses during the war of Boemund with Byzantium in 1107-1108


The Bohemond of Tarentum Expedition of 1107-1108, directed against the Byzantine Empire, was one of the key steps in Normans relations with the Byzantine Empire in the twelfth century. Preceded by a great propaganda cam­paign, had to bring the emperor Alexius I Komnenos to his knees. After initial successes, the Normans succumbed to Byzantium. The Byzantines focused their attention on the elimination of the Normans cavalry. This formation could not function without adequate mounts and supplies for them. By blocking the supplies coming from Italy, while in the same time eliminating the horses which were in the hands of the invaders, the Byzantines prejudged the outcome of the conflict.


Byzantium; Navy; Alexios I; Boemund I; Balkans; horse

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Published : 2015-07-15

Böhm, M. (2015). The transport of Norman horses during the war of Boemund with Byzantium in 1107-1108. Vox Patrum, 63, 429-443.

Marcin Böhm 
Uniwersytet Opolski  Poland

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