An image of Christian emperor in the letters of St. Ambrose


St. Ambrose of Milan was the first of the great bishops of the western part of the Empire, who lived and held his pontificate, when the Christian religion has become religio licita, and even for a short period of time he could enjoy the status of Christianity as religio regalis. The position which he held gave him an opportu­nity, or even necessity, frequent contacts with the rulers of the Empire. Therefore, both the personal experience of the secular power, the function exercised by him before he became a bishop, religious and social circumstances, but also pastoral reasons influenced the fact that he formed the image of a Christian emperor, that Ambrose tried to show to his flock, but most of all to the emperors with whom he shared his concern for the Christian world. The article shows the image of a Chri­stian emperor in the letters of St. Ambrose.


Ambrose of Milan; letters; emperor; Christianity; faith

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Published : 2014-01-05

Wysocki, M. (2014). An image of Christian emperor in the letters of St. Ambrose. Vox Patrum, 61, 171-177.

Marcin Wysocki 
Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II  Poland

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