Progressive Periphrasis and Textual Strategies

Lucifer of Cagliari "Moriundum esse pro Dei Filio"


One of the most striking features of Lucifer's style is his frequent usage of a periphrastic structure. The paper proposes that there is a clear semantic distinction between this construction and synthetic verbal forms. Stylistic and interpretive consequences of Lucifer's usage follow from a comparison with other authors and transtextual gestures which determine a proper contextualization of such structures.


periphrasis; textual strategy; Lucifer of Cagliari; sermo vulgaris; Moriundum esse pro Dei Filio

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Published : 2004-07-15

Jakielaszek, J. (2004). Progressive Periphrasis and Textual Strategies. Vox Patrum, 46, 461-468.

Jarosław Jakielaszek 
Uniwersytet Warszawski  Poland

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