Topics of the forthcoming fascicles


The forthcoming issues of our quarterly will deal with the following topics:

39/3 (2021) Greek Philosophy and Hellenization in the Bible and Christian Theology (deadline: end of June 2021)
39/4 (2021) Varia (continuous submission)

40/1 (2022) Human sexuality (deadline: end of Dec 2021)
40/2 (2022) Varia (continuous submission)
40/3 (2022) Human spirit and the human soul - what are they? (deadline: end of June 2022)
40/4 (2022) Varia (continuous submission)

Please, feel free to email your submissions and suggestions to the editorial board:
Contributions submitted for the thematic volumes may be written in Polish, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Contributions for "Varia" issues should be only in English.