Review Procedure

1. By submitting a paper for publication in the journal, the author agrees to the review process.
2. The Editorial Team of the journal carries out initial verification of the submitted text, examining the alignment of the article’s subject matter with the profile of the journal and content value.
3. After evaluation by the Editorial Team, the publications are reviewed by two reviewers with at least a doctoral degree.
4. Reviews are anonymous and subject to a double-blind review process.
5. The submitted papers will not be sent to the reviewers from the same institution the author and to those which may have a conflict of interest with the author. A conflict of as interest occurs when there is a professional relationship (especially one of financial dependence), direct academic collaboration (within the last two years preceding the year of preparing the review) and direct personal relationships (first or second degree blood relations, or relations due to marriage) between the reviewer and the author of the reviewed text. In addition, reviewers are not members of the Editorial Team.
6. Reviewers are obliged to keep all information provided by the Editorial Team confidential. Reviewers are not allowed to use the knowledge about the paper before its publication.
7. Reviews are made in written form. Each review should contain a conclusion as to whether the article in question should or should not be accepted for publication.
9. The Editorial Team shall appoint a third reviewer if one of the reviews of the article is negative and second is positive. Articles with two positive reviews are qualified for publication.
10. A list of reviewers is included in each issue of the journal.

Review form