Call for papers - the Twelve Apostles in the early Christianity and Byzantium

THE TWELVE APOSTLES IN THE EARLY CHRISTIANITY AND BYZANTIUM     In the Creed we confess that we believe in the apostolic Church, in which the Apostles, chosen by Christ, play an extremely important role, both as a group and as individual persons. Each of the Apostles has his own personality. He was called to fulfill a specific role not only as a companion of Christ, but also as a builder of the foundations of the Church. This interdisciplinary topic has inspired scholars and artists for centuries. The patristic time laid the foundations for reflection on the image of those whom Christ personally called by name. It is worth and important, therefore, to return to this issue, because it is on their testimony that Christianity is founded. As a part of the proposed topic, we want to look at the Twelve Apostles as a whole body, their establishment, tasks, but also at the every individual Apostle, his history, life, death and reception in the writings of the early Christian writers. Therefore, the patristic journal Vox Patrum invites all the researchers on Christian antiquity and Byzantium  (theologians, historians, philologists, art historians, etc.) to submit their texts on the proposed topic.   Please submit your text by December 31, 2023 via our website.   Any questions? You are kindly requested to ask: