Commentary to the story of Job by Philip Presbyter versus the epitome of the work. A monographic article conducive to comparative research on these texts

Magdalena Jóźwiak

Uniwersytet Wrocławski , Poland


The present article enlivens the figure of Philip Presbyter, which slowly emerges from oblivion where he was sent to stay as a forgotten author, while his commentary on the Book of Job had been lying in the library among dust-covered codes, waiting for 12 centuries to be brought to daylight. We attempted, first of all, at separating those two texts, which have been equated with each other for ages, namely Commentarii in Iob (Patrologia Latina 26, 619-802), wrongly attributed to St. Jerome or Philip Presbyter from In historiam Iob commentariorum libri tres, by Philip, a work forgotten until 1991. The overriding aim of the article was to display, on chosen examples, how the author of the epitome takes advantage of Philip’s commentary. We attempted at answering the question if the anonymous writer of the epitome copies Philip Presbyter’s interpretations word by word, or whether he made his own contribution to the Book of Job.


Philip Presbyter, Commentary to the story of Job, epitome of Philip’s commentary, Job

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Jóźwiak, M. (2014). Commentary to the story of Job by Philip Presbyter versus the epitome of the work. A monographic article conducive to comparative research on these texts. Vox Patrum, 62, 185–195.

Magdalena Jóźwiak 
Uniwersytet Wrocławski


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