John Paul II and the 1600th Anniversary of the Conversion of St. Augustine

Augustyn Eckmann

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin , Poland


Johannes Paulus II in Epistula Apostolica Augustinum Hipponensem saeculo XVI a conversione Sancti Augustini expleto pro hoc Ecclesiae reddito dono per eamąue universo hominum generi, mirabili illa ex conversione gratiarum Deo actionem agit. Ex animo exoptat, ut magisterium Sancti Doctoris investigatum etiam subtilius longe late cognoscatur studiumąue eius pastorale imitando ubiąue repetatur, quo tanti magistri ministriąue doctrina inter homines vigere pergat et fides proficiat et cultus ipse humanus.


John Paul II, Augustine, conversion

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Eckmann, A. (2007). John Paul II and the 1600th Anniversary of the Conversion of St. Augustine. Vox Patrum, 50, 165–172.

Augustyn Eckmann 
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin


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