Textual Strategies of Christian Apologetics (Tertullian, "Apologeticus" 16)

Jarosław Jakielaszek

Uniwersytet Warszawski , Poland


The paper examines a group of subjunctive clauses attested in Tertullian’s works, which seem to deviate from the rules of consecutio temporum. Earlier researchers assumed that the unusual pattern follows from brachylogy, otherwise frequent in Tertullian’s writings. It is argued that in fact such clauses obey the rules of the Classical period and there is no need to explain their behavior as resulting from a brachylogical expression.


Tertullianus, Apologeticus, Christian Apologetics, Tertullian, Apology, consecutio temporum, Latin syntax

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Jakielaszek, J. (2007). Textual Strategies of Christian Apologetics (Tertullian, "Apologeticus" 16). Vox Patrum, 50, 307–312. https://doi.org/10.31743/vp.6662

Jarosław Jakielaszek 
Uniwersytet Warszawski


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