VOX PATRUM is a patristic journal (quarterly), published since 1981, first by the Institute of Research on Christian Antiquity of the Catholic University of Lublin, then (since 1 October 2012) by the Institute of History of the Church and Patrology in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. "Vox Patrum" is the only kind of so spacious journal in Poland, focused on early Christianity, well-known in all patristic centres all over the world. The journal is valued not only for the published scientific articles, but as well because of the published bibliographies, translations, reviews, and documentation of the patristic life in Poland and all around the world. Rev. Prof. Stanisław Longosz was its founder and the first editor-in-chief.



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The next issue of "Vox Patrum"


The next issue of our journal "Vox Patrum" has been published. This time it is a festschrift offered to Mr. Wojciech Stawiszyński, the tireless author of patristic bibliographies. To the honorable Jubilarian plurimos annos, and to the Readers a fruitful reading!

The new issue of "Vox Patrum" on plagues, ilnesses and death has been published


We invite to read the latest issue of "Vox Patrum" devoted to a very current topic - plagues, diseases and death. Due to the very important subject of the issue, it is already available in the Open Access formula. We wish you a pleasant reading!

New scoring of "Vox Patrum" on the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education


We are proud and happy to announce that "Vox Patrum" received 100 points on the list of the scientific journals published by MNiE on February 9, 2021! We congratulate and thank all our authors, reviewers and friends. It is an encouragement and a commitment for us to continue working on the development of our journal. We invite you to cooperation.

Topics of upcoming issues of "Vox Patrum"


In order to facilitate the submission of materials for publication in "Vox Patrum", we would like to inform you about the planned topics of the next issues of the journal and about the date of submitting of materials for publication.

vol. 79 - September 2021 - Miscellanea. Festschrift in Honour of Mr Wojciech Stawiszyński - accepting of the submissions closed
vol. 80 - December 2021 - Patristic Mariology - submissions till September 15, 2021
vol. 81 - March 2022 - The Passions in the Platonic Tradition, Patristics and Late Antiquity - submissions till December 15, 2021
vol. 82 - June 2022 - Widows: their role and tasks in the early Church - submissions till February 15, 2022
vol. 83 - September 2022 - Miscellanea - submissions till May 15, 2022
vol. 84 - December 2022 - Theoretical and practical aspect of cardinal virtues in Byzantine culture - submissions till August 31, 2022

Vox Patrum in AtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®)!


We are pleased to announce that "Vox Patrum" has become a part of Atlas PLUS - the international full-text database of publications in the field of religion and theology. AtlaSerials PLUS (Atlas PLUS) includes more than 540 full-text journals in many diverse areas of religion and theology, with full-text content in more than 20 languages from more than 35 different countries. Soon "Vox Patrum" will join them in full!

Another peak month!


In July, we recorded, another month in a row, a record number of visits to our website and downloads of the articles in pdf. This time it's over 42,000 entries and nearly 12,000 downloads! We are glad that our journal is becoming more and more visible in internet and is used to get to know the Fathers of the Church and in scientific work. Congratulations to the authors!

"Vox Patrum" indexed by EBSCO!


We are proud to announce that our journal has been accepted for indexing by another database. This time it is a well-known EBSCO database. Soon our publications will be available to a wider audience of scientists and readers around the world.

"Vox Patrum" included into institutional Repository of KUL


We are pleased to announce that the gradual implementation of "Vox Patrum" to the institutional Repository of the Catholic University of Lublin (entry here) has begun. It will increase our visibility in various types of citation databases and search engines (as Google, Google Scholar etc.). We invite you to visit the KUL Repository!

Digitalization of "Vox Patrum"


We are pleased to announce that very soon, thanks to the MNiSW program "Support for scientific journals", all the previous issues of "Vox Patrum" will be available in our archive. You are very welcome to visit our archive and our website.

"Vox Patrum" indexed by Index religiosus


It is a great honour to announce that our journal has been included in the BREPOLiS "Index religiosus" database and soon you will be able to find and quote us also through them. All volumes archived and made available in the archive will be indexed. More information about the database can be found HERE

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Index Copernicus


Part of the tasks related to the editorial process of the journal "Vox Patrum" is financed within the program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "Support for scientific journals" under contract No. 125/WCN/2019/1 in 2019-2020.

The editorial board of "Vox Patrum", in order to keep the highest standards, accepts and implements the principles of the publication ethics in accordance with the reccomendations of COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics available HERE.

An online version of the journal is its primary version.

In the matter of subscription of our journal "Vox Patrum", please contact KUL Publishing House: wydawnictwo@kul.pl