Secrets of spiritual struggle in the fifth demonstration "On wars" of Aphrahat, the Persian sage


In the Demonstration “On Wars” Aphrahat prophetically announces the times of Christian persecution and at the same time in a secret way persuades and en­courages to place one’s faith in God’s Providence. The Persian comments on his contemporary events in a military convention, in the context of the ideals of spiri­tual struggles of the “sons of covenant”. In every difficult situation Christian “ath­letes” should see a call for conversion. A theological message of the speech “On Wars” has been included in the encouragement to interpret the persecution of the Church as a sign of God’s admonition; the Sage says nothing about God’s wrath or His punishment.


Sons of the Covenant; early Syrian asceticism; judeo-christian theology; the Persian Church; persecutions; Shapur II; Aphrahat

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Published : 2015-07-15

Uciecha, A. (2015). Secrets of spiritual struggle in the fifth demonstration "On wars" of Aphrahat, the Persian sage. Vox Patrum, 63, 389-396.

Andrzej Uciecha 
Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach  Poland

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