The Miracles of St. Mena according to the manuscript Pierpont Morgan Library M.590 (Coptic Literary Manuscript ID 221; Clavis Coptica 398)

Przemysław Piwowarczyk

Uniwersytet Śląski , Poland


The paper contains an introduction and translation of the oldest preserved MS of the Miracles of St. Menas. The collection has 17 miracles but, since the codex is heavily deteriorated, not all of them could have been edited. The last miracles in the collection are of the special interest as they are unattested in any other Coptic MS, the 17th miracle being absent even in the Greek collections. The translation puts together three separately edited parts of the text and for the first time presents them together;


Coptic hagiography, Saint Menas, miracle collections, translation

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Piwowarczyk, P. (2021). The Miracles of St. Mena according to the manuscript Pierpont Morgan Library M.590 (Coptic Literary Manuscript ID 221; Clavis Coptica 398). Vox Patrum, 80, 395–418.

Przemysław Piwowarczyk
Uniwersytet Śląski


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