About the Journal

The scholarly journal ‘Archiwa, Biblioteki i Muzea Kościelne’ is a publishing house of the Institute of Church Archives, Libraries and Museums of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The periodical has been published continuously since 1959. The journal was founded by Fr Romuald Gustaw OFM, the Director of the Catholic University of Lublin Library and Rev. Stanisław Librowski, the Director of the Diocesan Archive in Włocławek, who also became the editor-in-chief of the periodical.The three first volumes of ABMK were released as quarterly journals. Since 1962 (the fourth volume), the journal has been published twice a year. The journal is of a unique character as it publishes articles from three areas: archive studies, library science and museology. All refer to the cultural institutions of the Catholic Church.

The texts are printed in Polish, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian.

Focus and Scope

The semi-annual journal “Archiwa, Biblioteki i Muzea Kościelne”, according to the statute of the Centre of the Church Archives, Libraries and Museums, aims to promote research into the collections of the archives, libraries and museums of the Catholic Church. The semi-annual journal is also an important platform for researchers to cooperate with each other from our region and hence it promotes their work and stimulates further research into the past and cultural heritage of the Catholic Church. Additionally, international academics who research ecclesiastical cultural materials are invited to publish their papers. The International Academic Council and authors publishing articles in foreign languages aim to disseminate Polish research abroad, and thus promote cooperation between Polish and international academics.

The semi-annual journal publishes works on collections created and gathered chiefly by religious institutions, primarily those of the Catholic Church. The journal presents studies which focus on church collections, also those currently held outside church institutions – that is, in state institutions and private collections. The editors of ABMK focus on the study of the theory and practice of accumulating and preserving the church collections as well as making them available to researchers. We also print reference articles on archival, library and museum materials of church provenance – for example, catalogues and inventories. In addition, we publish critical editions of sources for the history of the Catholic Church (canonical visits, the books of brotherhoods, chapter statutes, the founding documents of church institutions, etc.). All these works mentioned above are complemented by studies related to the history of the Catholic Church.