Dlaczego Abraham uwierzył Bogu (Rdz 15,6)?

Janusz Lemański

Uniwersytet Szczeciński , Poland


Having seen prophesy of the Promised Land been fulfilled (Gen 12-14), Abraham experienced the faith crisis due to a lack of offspring. Yet once again he answered with trust in the Word o f God, and i t bas been reckoned to him for righteousness (Gen 15,6). The following chapters (Gen 16-22) present the fulfillment of the promise o f heir. The faith of Abraham will come to perfection at the trial, as it is seen in Gen 22. In sucha context, words o f the narrator in Gen 15,6 are the turning point in the growth of his faith.


Księga Rodzaju, Rdz 15, 6, Abraham, obietnica, wiara


Lemański, J. (2004). Dlaczego Abraham uwierzył Bogu (Rdz 15,6)?. Verbum Vitae, 5, 21–35. https://doi.org/10.31743/vv.1350

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