"Verbum Vitae" uses a double-blind peer review system. Manuscript author(s) do not know the identity of the two reviewers to whom the submitted article is sent, and vice versa, the reviewers do not know the names of the author(s) of the article. When the author submits his/her article via his/her account in the Editorial Manager, the author will be asked to include in the indicated line the title of the contribution, an English summary, and the bibliography used in the article. These three items will be sent to the referees when they are asked by the Editor to review author's contribution. The manuscript submitted on-line should not contain any information concerning the identity of the author, his or her address, institution or any other information that could expose the identity of the author. All these data are included in the form the author are asked to fill out when he/she set up his/her account in the journal site.

Reviewers are asked to issue a balanced and fair evaluation of the reviewed papers thus contributing to the decision-making process. The reviewer's evaluation should be delivered without unnecessary delay, normally within 4 weeks. The reviewer ought to keep confidential any information supplied by the editor or author as well as to alert the editor to any previously published or submitted content that might seem suspiciously similar to that under review. The reviewer should express clearly her/his decision on the submitted article. The outcome may be as follows: accept; conditional accept; revise and resubmit; reject.