Kontekst interpretacji Biblii: Uniwersytet czy Kościół?

Zdzisław Pawłowski


Interpretation of the Bible is today a difficult and demanding undertaking, for it deals with a complex and multidimensional text. First, it has all characteristics of any human literary work. Second, many believers read it as a word of God. The Bibie as the human work has to be explained by means ofliterary and hislorical methods, employed mainly by biblical scholars at the universities. However, the Bible is still proclaimed in the Church as the actual word of God. This creates a serious hermeneutical problem of how to relate the scientific interpretation of the biblical texts to its kerygmatic exposition. In order to solve the problem one has to work out a new hermeneutical model that takes into account all three stages of a hermeneutical arc: understanding, explanation and appropriation.


hermeneutyka, interpretacja, Słowo Boga, wiara


Pawłowski, Z. (2004). Kontekst interpretacji Biblii: Uniwersytet czy Kościół?. Verbum Vitae, 5, 171–186. https://doi.org/10.31743/vv.1360

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