Aquinas's View of God's Love

Piotr Moskal


In the present article the author argues that, according to Thomas Aquinas, there is love in God, because the act of will by its nature involves love. God naturally loves all existing things since he calls them into being. Consequently, the term “love” means the essence of God, the breath of love, and the person of the Holy Spirit. God loves the created things through the Holy Spirit. Then, through the Incarnation and the work of Jesus Christ God shows us how deeply He loved us. Finally, the notion God’s love is strictly connected with the idea that God is just and merciful.


love of God/God's love, Thomas Aquinas, Aquinas


Moskal, P. (2013). Aquinas’s View of God’s Love. Verbum Vitae, 23, 183–195.

Piotr Moskal


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