The Prayer of the Day of Fasting (Neh 9)

Mirosław Wróbel


The present article deals with the literary and theological analysis of Neh 9. This passage reveals striking connection between penance and prayer of post-exilic community. The liturgy of the day of penance puts special emphasis for the religious and national identity of Judaism after Babylonian exile. The people are looking forward remembering all main events from the history of salvation. The author of the present article shows the originality and maturity of many theological ideas of post-exilic community which form the fundaments for Judaism of the Second Temple.


Nehemia, the day of penance, prayer, credo of Israel

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Wróbel, M. (2012). Modlitwa Dnia Pokuty (Ne 9). Verbum Vitae, 22, 47–58.

Mirosław Wróbel


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