Starting from Vol. 18 (2013), the review procedure has been  based on the following rules:

  1. The Editorial Committee of Review of European and Comparative Law conducts out a preliminary analysis / assessment of the work submitted for publication. The criteria used by the Editors include conformity with the profile of the journal, scientific novelty and significance, and language standards (verification by a native speaker).
  2. Before submitting a text for review, the Editorial Committee verifies its compliance with editorial, bibliographical and footnote requirements.
  3. Each work is subjected to internal review by editors and/or to external review by two reviewers recommended by the Editorial Committee of the journal. The reviewer’s affiliation must be different from the author’s.
  4. During the review process, the Editorial Committee guarantees that the Authors and Reviewers will not know each other’s identity (double-blind review process).
  5. Reviews are uploaded to the platform in an electronic form and then submitted to the Authors. They must contain an assessment regarding the acceptance of the work (its scientific novelty and significance).

Peer review form